Monday, January 11, 2010

Yahoo Answers Clone Script

Entertainment – Answers Page

Can you imagine if you had a one stop site to go to and ask any question about the world of entertainment? From fashion trends, to celebrity gossip, a website that provided textual, audio, and visual answers to individual’s questions could be beneficial to so many. Although there are sites that periodically release news reports with current events from the field of entertainment, imagine instead a site that allowed users to post specific questions which would get real answers. The combination of video sharing sites into an answers site would allow users to not only respond to questions, but to give their own unique individual responses to discuss celebrity gossip with others.

Today, information can travel fast but it is not always so easy to find relevant information. The world of entertainment has blown up in the last decade with the increased popularity of television shows such as Lost, Entourage, and The Office, which all have very loyal viewer bases that make it a point to not only watch the shows religiously, but then constantly discuss the shows either in person or through online forums. A site with visual responses would not only be informational but also entertaining in itself, and thus make the experience of discussing entertainment news even more fun. Answer sites currently only offer text responses, which make the sites quite boring and lacking the glitz and glamour that one would expect when discussing celeb news.

How cool would it be to post a question and then be able to see someone actually responding, not merely read their response? And at the end of the day you get the answer to your question as well. You also would be a contributing user of the site and be able to post your own audio or video responses to other users. You could become a celebrity yourself!

I think that this sort of site has so much more credibility with the human touch of getting real answers from real people. Discuss any topic you want, and now get visual responses as well, adding a further human feel to the whole experience. An answers site with audio and video capabilities would cater to the entertainment field so well, as it would help stir interest and encourage the sharing of information between the entertainment experts and the newbies alike.

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